Aug 30

LICENSURE Q&A – Are Licensed Employees Liable for Everything?

I spoke to a batch of graduating students of aspiring nurses and doctors a few years ago and we were on the topic of licensure and liabilities in their industry. One student asked me what the scope of liability was to nurses and doctors in the medical field. I had a hard time answering this because it varied from state to state and from field to field. Instead of giving them an answer, I shared my experience working with medical malpractice and negligence.

When it comes to healthcare, the scope of liability for professionals like nurses and doctors is huge. I had a case wherein a doctor was sued for malpractice because his patient died of allergic reactions to a particular medication. We won the case because the family of the patient did not disclose a complete medical history. There was also a case wherein a nurse was sued for negligence because she almost killed a patient by giving them the wrong medicine. It turns out that she was working a straight shift of 24 hours and that the hospital management failed to find her a replacement that time. The hospital settled for a minimum amount. This just goes to show that any small mistake can put doctors and nurses at large for lawsuits.

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